#1 Oops, the songwriter goes deep right off the bat 

Hello all! Ready for a blog and witnessing the inner thoughts of a songwriter? Here I am. Take a gander if it so peaks your interest. 

This blog post is an introduction to who I am and how I think. I love words. I love communication. I love to say something in the most pristinely articulated way. In my daily life I am an all-in action-taker and in my songwriting I am a conversationalist. I am a deep thinker and walk through every possible path that each decision could give rise to but also am a spontaneous adventurer who will fly by the seat of their pants whenever the opportunity arises. Often I feel like a walking paradox.

What are some parts of your personality that feel like a paradox? I'd love to know! Leave a message below.

If you're looking to read a short intro with an intriguing question Stop Here. Get a glass of water. Open up your Spotify and search the album Silver Linings by Danae Kimpinski and continue on your lovely evening.

If you feel like diving in deeper continue on :)

Let's get deep. REAL DEEP. Do you feel like reading my ponderings of the week? I can't help it. I love bringing depth to almost everything :)

I've been thinking about identity this week.. Month.. Well, honestly I've been thinking about identity for the last 3 months. How do we get to know ourselves? Especially when our feelings, likes and dislikes, and thoughts continuously shift and morph as life goes on? When I dive into my overthinking self I am often left overwhelmed by how my identity feels so..

Movable. Unstable. Indecisive. Spineless.

Not a great array of words to define one's self by. I often find myself wanting to be someone else simply because it feels like there is nothing solid about who I am. I want to have all the best parts that I see in other people mush together and create me, in some sort of glorious perfection. Then I try to find identity in music. Wow, slow it down Danae. The trouble with over-thinking about identity is that I often begin to think about myself.. then myself again.. then myself once again. This is where the lesson came in for me:

I need to bring God into every conversation, even the conversation I have with myself in thoughts. I am a follower of Jesus and love pursuing relationship with God and yet there I was flailing and drowning in forgetting to make God, the Father over my identity, the centre of the conversation. We are given identity in Christ, made and loved as His children. 

Chosen. Loved. Known. Rooted.

We are being led in the everlasting way of Christ. I gotta keep remembering that. I need Christ. Music brings a place of remembering for me. To write about the heart in all its confusion and bring that to God. Bring it all back. 

Where do you find your identity?

I hope to see you around :)

- Danae


Dudes, this got ridiculously deep... If you feel like running away after this I hope you run to YouTube and check out the livestream EP showcase happening this Wednesday with Prairie College! Spoiler alert: I'm in it!

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